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Lunch boxes

Lunch box (frozen) 35 SEK
Student discount 32 SEK
Lunch boxes (frozen) - 10 pcs 320 SEK
Student discount 300 SEK

Frozen lunch boxes - currently in stock

Chicken skewer with peanut sauce
Yakitori chicken skewers with sweet chili sauce
Chicken filet with red curry sauce
Stir-fried squid in chili sauce
Stir-fried pork in Hoisin sauce / oyster sauce
Stir-fried pasta with chicken filet, egg and vegetables
Fried rice with egg and mixed meat
Stir-fried noodles with egg and tofu
Stir-fried beef steaks in tomato sauce, with peas and onion
Beef with soy sauce, green beans and onion

Please note that the above stock of lunch boxes
may be subject to quick change